Lifestyle card and concessions

Here at Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centres we're all about your health and fitness.

You'll need a Lifestyle card to use our leisure centres.

There are two types of Lifestyle card:

  1. The standard Lifestyle card simply allows you to use our leisure centres and their activities. This card is free and available to everyone.
  2. People who live within the borough of Cannock Chase and are eligible for concessions can take advantage of special discounts with the Lifestyle Concession card. If you are eligible for the Lifestyle Concession card, you pay an annual fee to enjoy the generous discounts it offers.

We also offer a special membership to active service personnel resident in the district of Cannock Chase.

Lifestyle card

What is a Lifestyle card?

Lifestyle cards are for everyone who wishes to use Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centres in Chase and Rugeley. Your Lifestyle card entitles you to book facilities as a regular centre user.

How much is a Lifestyle card?

Your card is free. This card is used only for booking facilities and activities at all Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centres and does not entitle the user to discounts or price reductions.

How do I get a Lifestyle card?

Simply download a short application form and bring it with you the first time you want to use your nearest Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centre.

You must also bring one form of official identification - for example, a passport, driving licence, proof of disability, or student card. Allow some extra time for your application to be processed and card issued.

Download the Lifestyle card form 

Lifestyle Concession card

Who's eligible for a Lifestyle Concession card - and what's needed as proof?

A Lifestyle Concession card is available to residents of the Cannock Chase district who are (and have the accompanying official proof of eligibility):

  • Full-time students (letter from college)
  • On a Government trainee scheme (letter from employer)
  • Disabled (Notification letter or current allowance book)
  • Carers or attendants (Notification letter or current allowance book)
  • Job seekers (Signing on card)
  • On low income (Housing benefit, Council Tax benefit)
  • On Income Support (Current allowance book)
  • Children dependent on an adult receiving benefits
  • Retired and receiving a state pension (Proof of age such as birth certificate, passport or driving licence)
  • In receipt of Working Family Tax Credit - Higher element only (notification letter)

What do I get with my Lifestyle Concession card?

You'll be entitled to 50% discount on a range of activities. This includes:

  • Direct Debit Memberships
  • Annual Memberships
  • Swimming
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Fitness sessions
  • Golf

How much does a Lifestyle Concession card cost?

Adult resident: £4.40
Junior resident: £1.95
Adult non resident: £29
Junior non resident: £14.50

How do I get a Lifestyle Concession card?

Complete this short application form and bring it with you the first time you want to use your chosen Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centre.

You'll need proof of eligibility as detailed above, and one form of official identification such as a passport, driving licence, proof of disability, or student card.

Allow time for your application to be processed and card issued before using your preferred leisure centre and taking advantage of the discounts listed above.

Download the Lifestyle card form

Leisure centre membership for active service personnel

Are leisure centre concessions available for members of the armed forces?

Inspiring healthy lifestyles in conjunction with Cannock Chase District Council provides complimentary membership at our Chase and Rugeley Leisure Centres to those serving in the Armed Forces (including active TA reservists) and resident in the district.

Eligibility requirements for complimentary Profiles Armed Forces membership

  • Proof of residency in the Cannock Chase District e.g. Council Tax or utility bill
  • Proof that applicant is a serving member of the armed forces. E.g. Armed Forces Identification Card
  • There will be a requirement for an annual check of residency and evidence of current armed forces certification.

For more information, contact your preferred Inspiring healthy lifestyles Leisure Centre (Chase Leisure Centre or Rugeley Leisure Centre).

Terms and conditions for Lifestyle cards

Access to facilities/activities is governed by the rules of the management at participating facilities - copies of which can be obtained upon request. Inspiring healthy lifestyles reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary where it is found that the ‘card holder’ has abused the scheme. Cards must be presented on every visit. The LS Membership is valid for 12 months or until the holder ceases to be eligible for the discounts. The issuing centre must be notified of these changes. For security a photograph of the card holder may be taken and held on the system. Lifestyle cards are not transferable. In case of a dispute the decision of Inspiring healthy lifestyles shall be final and binding. All activities are subject to availability. Proof of continued eligibility may be requested. All concessions are subject to availability. Concessions are not available on packaged activities and group sports such as badminton and squash.