Team Fitness

Get fit with 12 weeks of FREE weekly sessions. Have fun getting active with circuits, drills and nutrition advice.

Join in with like-minded men who are looking to achieve the same goal. Over 12 weeks share progress and success in your group and learn how to improve your nutrition and lifestyle, all without fad dieting and complicated exercise routines.

During the 12 weeks your fitness levels will be challenged in a supportive environment with a mix of sports including rugby, football and circuit training. 

Led by Wigan Athletic Community Trust, Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and Inspiring healthy lifestyles.

FREE for men in the Wigan Borough, aged over 18 years with a BMI of 25+. Not sure what your BMI is? Check it here .

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Consent Statement

LWFG is delivered by a range of partners - City Health Care and Aintree NHS on behalf of Wigan Council for the specific purpose of providing support to you in relation to weight management. In order to access the service we need to send any relevant details that you have supplied us within this phone call to the provider and on occasions may need to share them with your GP, Wigan Council and other LWFG providers to ensure constant service improvement.