DrummerWe work with a wide range of internal departments and external agencies including public health services, Youth Voice and Engagement teams, Social Services, Housing etc in delivering various arts initiatives and commissions that aim to address community issues.

We support teachers in delivering the National Curriculum. One of our recent projects, Hidden Voices, is an educational resource for secondary schools on the subject of homelessness. 

A majority of partnership projects involves developing initiatives with local organisations using the arts as a tool for communication, consultation, raising awareness, community engagement, promotion and evaluation.

We provide support and advice to individual artists and creative groups that operate in the area to assist their individual or organisations professional development.

The Arts Development officers also work strategically alongside other Arts Development units within local authorities across Greater Manchester and with the Arts Council of England on common priorities such as the creative economy and health and wellbeing.

Advice and support 

Kids exhibitWe can advise you about almost anything to do with the arts and creativity that includes designer fashion, film, video, music, dance, drama, creative writing, sculpture, painting, photography, digital media and a whole lot more. 

If you want advice about how to plan an event or arts activity, where arts clubs are in your area, how to raise money to do an arts project or how to become a successful working artist or designer, we will be able to help.



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Helen Seddon

Community Wellbeing Arts Officer


Call: 01942 488496