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Everyone at Inspiring healthy lifestyles knows to live well and age well, you have to start well.

That's why we've worked hard and for many years to create a stimulating and exciting range of activities to help pupils and students enjoy happier, healthier lives.

We've developed Healthy Schools Plus to provide you with full or half day packages, and breakfast, lunch or after school clubs, through the academic year.

Teachers have more than enough to do already. We're here to not only help you plan activities for children and young people of all ages - we'll deliver them to the highest standard, too. Watch the video above to see some of the many thousands of delighted youngsters who have discovered the joy of exercise through exciting Healthy Schools Plus adventures provided by Inspiring healthy lifestyles.

Adventures to nourish the body and mind

Kids don't just need to get out more while school's in. We also provide activities out of term time.

Adventurous activities and experiences don't just provide excellent exercise - they make a big difference to pupils and students' performance in the classroom. Our services directly enhance your teaching efforts by supporting requirements of the National Curriculum.

Inspiring healthy lifestyles has so many exciting adventures and activities to help your pupils and students enjoy happier and healthier lives. We can't wait to show you how exercise and adventures can bring out the best in all your pupils and students.

How to get in touch