In School Activities

After School Clubs

We are able to offer a range of after school clubs including;

Multi-skills are specific sessions which allow for further development of Fundamental movement patterns and exploration of a wide variety of different activities. Multiskills helps develop transferable skills which can be used in everyday life or in sport specific activities. Each session is based on fun and enjoyment but has a key learning outcome underpinning the sessions.

Sport Specific sessions are after school clubs such as football, rounders, and tchoukball, rugby & basketball. Sport specific sessions help children work as part of a team, learn sport specific and transferable skills and adhere to a common set of rules.

Change for Life clubs we can support your current or help you create a new “change4Life” club at your school. This will involve healthy eating information, physical activity sessions and team games.

After school clubs run at a ratio of 1:16 and are booked in 6 week blocks to fall in line with each school term.

Curriculum PPA Cover

We can offer PE sessions which fall in line with the national curriculum to support or cover PPA time.

Our PPA sessions are age relevant and designed specifically around the class and the children’s abilities. We aim to challenge all children whether they be “Coping”, “striving” or “struggling” with the session aims and objectives.

Foundation Stage Be Active

We deliver sessions specifically designed to engage foundation stage children in simple but energetic movements, some session include music. Sessions can last up to 1 hour including warm up, cool down and relaxation. Sessions can be tailored to meet the FUNdamental needs of the children,

Active Children

A 6 week introduction into the importance and benefits of healthy eating and physical activity, includes smoothie making, wrap making, soup making and 3 age specific physical activity sessions.

Fit 4 Fun & Fit 4 Food

Fit 4 Fun and Fit 4 Food are programmes designed to educate children around the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet, taking part in regular exercise and how the two combined can make you feel better and live longer. The programmes are an extension of Active children where children can further develop skills such as chopping fruit and veg, creating unique healthy sandwich fillings, using heart rate monitors and learning further detail around the effects of exercise on our body.


School Activities at Selby Leisure Centre

Activation Days

Full and half day visits to Selby leisure centre where children take part in sporting activities, health and fitness classes, Maths and science activities and conduct interviews with a leisure centre manager, lifeguard and sport development manager. During the full day children have the opportunity to make their own healthy lunch by learning chopping and cutting skills and creating unique healthy sandwich fillings.

PE at Selby Leisure centre and Selby Summit

We have a vast range of activities to deliver PE sessions or to hire out including studio space, all weather pitch, swimming, climbing, bowling, Trek, adventure play and indoor skate, all come with 30% education discount and can be booked weekly, monthly, termly or yearly. We can provide instructors for the studios and all-weather pitch or you can simply hire the space and deliver your own sessions.

Reward trips, end of term / year trips

We can tailor a package to suit your needs from 10 to 100 children per visit we offer bowling, climbing, adventure play, trek, skate and multi-skills. Choose one or all activities and even add lunch to add to your experience. We tailor the package to what you want from length of stay to number of children and choice of activities. If booking for 10 or more children, you will receive our 30% educational discount.

For more information on any of the above activities contact Jenny Waddington  or 01757 293286