Making the Cut: From Paper to Art

25th June – 21st August 2022

Victoria Bond is a papercutting artist who uses only a surgical scalpel and specialist high-quality papers to produce a captivating and charismatic collection of art, all created entirely by hand at her dedicated art studio in her native county of Norfolk.
Following a 15 year career in nursing, the pursuit of a better work-life balance led Victoria to take her long-term hobby and transform in to a thriving art business, and she has sold her works and commissions to clients in many countries worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand and North America.
Victoria draws upon inspiration from her many travels and from her local surroundings and landscapes. In this exhibition, she will showcase her unique and contemporary twist on an ancient but largely unknown art form, offering an eclectic collection of work, from British wildlife to endangered animals, and scenic landscapes to historic buildings and architectural façades.

Peter Mason: First Class Images

27th August – 15th October 2022 

The museum is delighted to welcome back local professional artist, Peter Mason. His work is based on a Pop Art style combined with a modern contemporary approach, using recycled postage stamps in the form of GB Machin definitive postage stamps. His technique bears historical references to ancient Roman mosaics brought up to date with more modern digital imagery.
Each image is created by using variations and shades and sizes of stamps, creating different shadows and depths. Viewed from a distance, your eye will naturally merge the colours together, making a much sharper image. Many post-impressionist artists such as Georges Seurat worked in this way, using dots of paint.
Subjects range from The Queen and Royal family, David Bowie and Peaky Blinders, from modern poster design through to optical and geometric illusion and pattern. He is offering affordable half price canvases in this special exhibition, so that you can purchase a first class image for your own wall!

The German Cemetery on Cannock Chase

24th October – 14th December 2022 

Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery is the only German military cemetery on British soil. It contains 2143 burials from the First World War and 2786 from the Second World War, mainly German and Austrians.

An agreement between the UK and West Germany in 1959 led to the establishment of the cemetery, which is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It was first opened to the public on 10 June 1967. Once inaugurated, the remains of German war dead buried in various locations across the UK were transferred to Cannock Chase and reburied there.

Most of those who lie in the cemetery died whilst interned in prisoner of war camps. Others were airmen who were killed when their airships and aircraft were brought down or crashed, or sailors who died at sea whose bodies were washed ashore. Also buried there are victims of the sinking of the Arandora Star which was torpedoed whilst transporting internees and refugees in 1940.

This new exhibition has been created to interpret the history of this memorial site and to remember the victims of war whilst spreading a message of peace and reconciliation. The museum is delighted to have the opportunity to display this fascinating exhibition in advance of its installation on site at the cemetery.