About us

Chris Derbyshire, Managing DirectorAt Inspiring healthy lifestyles we believe everyone can live a healthier, happier life through greater activity and creativity.

That’s why since 2003 Inspiring healthy lifestyles has worked hard to inspire people to make better lifestyle choices.

A social enterprise and charitable trust working in Selby (Yorkshire) and Cannock Chase, (Staffordshire), we aim to provide the very best in leisure and culture, creating opportunities for people to change their lives, investing in facilities and adding value for public benefit.

Our philosophy is simple: Be active, creative and healthy.

We believe if everyone starts well, lives well and ages well, the quality of all our lives, and society in general, will be enriched.

To our communities Inspiring healthy lifestyles is a partner for life, working for local authorities but inspiring people whatever their age or ability.

We work on behalf of local authorities delivering a wide range of leisure and cultural services from theatres to parks, and arts programmes to leisure centres.

Find out about Inspiring healthy lifestyles' values and why they matter so much to everything we do.


Our team

We’re governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of experts in our areas of operation.

Inspiring healthy lifestyles' managing director is Chris Derbyshire.

As a charitable organisation we operate leisure and cultural services at a reduced rate to the taxpayer but because we’re a social enterprise any surplus generated as a result are invested back into improving facilities and services for the benefit of the society we work in - allowing us to add value.