Virtual Tours

We are looking at ways that we can make reasonable adjustments to our services to support people to have a better experience of using them.

Our interactive video tours allow you to take a virtual walk around a building, helping you to plan your visit to one of our leisure facilities in advance.

They will help you to become familiar with important aspects of the venue such as the location of the changing rooms, toilets and quiet areas. They also capture the lighting and sound changes throughout the building.

They can help to reassure people, particularly those with autism, dementia, anxiety or physical disabilities, so they are familiar with their surroundings before they arrive.

You can also download our easy to read content that includes key information to help your day run smoothly which highlights areas that may cause distraction, busy or loud areas, and offers suggestions on how to minimise or avoid these.

We have tours for the leisure facilities at Wigan Life Centre, Leigh Leisure Centre and Howe Bridge Leisure Centre.

Wigan Life Centre

Supporting Documents

Wigan Life Centre Easy-read Guide

Wigan Life Centre Hearing Guide

Wigan Life Centre Physical Guide

Wigan Life Centre Seeing Guide

Wigan Life Centre Sensory Guide

Wigan Life Centre Triggers and Distractions

Howe Bridge Leisure Centre

Supporting Documents

Howe Bridge Sensory Guide

Howe Bridge Hearing Guide

Howe Bridge Easy read Guide

Howe Bridge Physical Guide

Howe Bridge Seeing Guide

Howe Bridge Triggers and Distractions


Leigh Leisure Centre

Supporting Documents

Leigh Leisure Centre Easy-read Guide

Leigh Leisure Centre Hearing Guide

Leigh Leisure Centre Physical Guide

Leigh Leisure Centre Seeing Guide

Leigh Leisure Centre Sensory Guide

Leigh Leisure Centre Triggers and Distractions