William’s Story – Overcoming anxiety step-by-step

William's anxiety got so bad that at times it stopped him leaving the house.

    • After seeing an Inspiring health lifestyles’ Active Outdoors advert and making one decision, his life has changed for the better.
    • William is now training to be a walk leader and has had the all clear to go back into work.


      Watch Williams story here:

Some years ago, William experienced a bereavement. Suffering with his mental health, his GP prescribed anti-depressants which William stayed on for around a year.

“I had a few ups and downs but at the turn of this year I saw the warning signs.” Said William.

His GP confirmed he was having an anxiety relapse, increased his medication and was recommended therapy.

At this point, William stopped leaving the house and socialising, cancelling plans at the last minute and spending more and more time on his own.

William said: “Even when I was amongst people I felt alone.”

When he saw the advert for the walking group at Inspiring healthy lifestyles he decided to make the brave decision to go for one walk.

His first walk was with walking programme leader Tracey Morris and she, and the rest of the walking group, made William feel welcome and supported - encouraging him to come with them for another walk.

William has now been walking for a few months and reports that his social circle has grown, he is getting more active and his mental health has been given a huge boost.

“My advice to anyone, it is an everything to gain and nothing to lose situation.” Said William.

He enjoys the walking group so much so, William is now being trained by Inspiring healthy lifestyles to become a walk leader and he has given the all clear from his GP to return to work.


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Last updated: 13 August 2019