Prices | Leisure centres in Wigan and Leigh


  • Peak
  • £32
  • All fitness facilities included!
  • Unlimited workouts
  • Unlimited group exercise classes
  • Unlimited swimming
  • Join online
  • Off Peak
  • £28
  • Swim (where pools), gym and classes
  • Monday to Friday until 5pm
  • Not available Saturdays
  • Can use all day Sundays
  • Join online
 Direct debit (per month)Annual (single payment) 
Junior £17 N/A  
Student £21 N/A  
Off Peak £28 £336 Join online
Peak £32 £384 Join online
Joint £52 N/A  

When can I use my membership?

Off Peak

  • Mondays to Fridays: until 5pm
  • Saturdays: not available
  • Sundays: all day

Peak membership

  • All the time! Unlimited gym (all our six centres in Wigan and Leigh), swim (at our four centres in Wigan and Leigh with pools) and classes whenever available.


 AdultConcession **
Consultation* £12 £8
Per Session £7.20 £4.20
* Howe Bridge Leisure Centre, Leigh, Ashton, Robin Park & Wigan Life Centre use a key system to operate their fitness machines. The key is an additional £10 and must be bought to use the gym at this facility. ** Concession - Proof of eligibility will be required. Contact reception for more details.

What do I pay to use the gym?

Here's what you need to do. If you've already done any of these steps, disregard them.
  1. Sign up for a Lifestyle card. Everyone needs a Lifestyle card to use our leisure centres. You'll need a Lifestyle card if you wish to join our leisure centres (more on that later), and you'll need a Lifestyle card if you simply wish to come in and play badminton, or use the gym, or take an exercise class. Your Lifestyle card will be renewed every year - or if you're eligible for a concessionary Lifestyle card, you'll need to pay a renewal fee.
  2. First time using our leisure centre gyms? There's a lot to know to operate all those machines and weights safely, so you'll need to book an induction at a time convenient to you. Inductions are either £11, or £7 if you hold a concessionary Lifestyle card
  3. Users of gym machines at Howe Bridge, Wigan Life Centre: Healthy Living Zone, Robin Park, and Leigh (from March 2016) are operated by Technogym Wellness Keys. If you wish to use these gyms you'll need to first buy a key which costs £10 and is available from reception.
  4. Each of your gym sessions costs £6.80, or £4.00 for concessionary Lifestyle card holders.

Want to save cash?

Our memberships represent tremendous value for money. Even if you only plan on taking one exercise class (£4.80) and one gym session (£6.80) each week, you'll be quids in by joining us.

 Join Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centres

Swimming (Ashton, Leigh, Howe Bridge, Hindley and Wigan Life Centre)

Casual Swimming £4 £2.90 (90p for under 5s) £2.90
Casual Swimming Family Ticket £11.60 N/A N/A
Fun & Floats £4.20 £3.10 £3.10
Swim Tots (1 adult and junior) - Wigan Life, Hindley and Howe Bridge - 45 minutes  £4.90 N/A N/A
Swim Tots (1 adult and junior)  - Ashton and Leigh - 30 minutes £2.80 N/A N/A
Swimming Lesson (Single) Contact your local leisure centre for information 
Swimming Lesson (Stage 1-7) Monthly DD £23 as of 1st Jan 2019
Swimming Lesson (Stage 8 and Rookie) Monthly DD £26
Swimming Lesson (one to one; 30 minutes) £24

  Please note: At some of our centres there will be an additional, non - refundable charge for lockers

* Concession - Proof of eligibility will be required. Contact Reception for more details.

 Parties (Ashton, Howe Bridge and Leigh - prices per hour)

Small Pool Party (per hour) £65
Large Pool Party (per hour) £79
Large Pool Inflatable Party (per hour) £153
Party Room (per hour) £29*
* Ashton Leisure Centre, Howe Bridge Leisure Centre. and Leigh Leisure Centre.

Parties (Hindley - prices per hour)

Party Room £29

Party packages at Wigan Life Centre (1 hour in pool and 1 hour party room use)

Small Pool - Fun and Floats £110
Small Pool - Inflatable Adventure Course £126
Large Pool - Fun and Floats £124
Large Pool - Inflatable Adventure Course £198

Sports (selected centres)

 AdultJuniorConcession *
Badminton £10 £7.20 £7.20
Table Tennis £5.40 £4.30
Football Academy - 8 weeks N/A £34.40 N/A
Tennis Academy - 8 weeks (3-5yrs) N/A £27.20 N/A
Tennis Academy Recreation (5+yrs) Direct Debit £22.50 per month
Tennis Academy Development (5+ yrs) Direct Debit £25 per month

Facility hire (selected centres)

Sports Hall (4 courts, per hour) £47
Sports Hall (8 courts, per hour) £94

Lifestyle card

Upgraded lifestyle card * £1.60
* Concession - Proof of eligibility will be required. Contact Reception for more details.