A Message from MD Pete Burt

And so we, at Inspiring healthy lifestyles, and many like us across the UK, find our doors closed again and we need your support now more than ever.
Our purpose is simple:
Inspiring healthy lifestyles is a registered charity, established for the promotion and preservation of good health through community participation in healthy recreation
… Or at least it should be simple.
At Inspiring healthy lifestyles we work hard to ensure everyone has the opportunity to lead a more active, creative and healthy lifestyle.
We do this through our work in leisure centres, in our gyms, sports halls, pools, studios, parks, museums, play areas and theatre.
We do this through our cycling, walking and running programmes.
We do this through our disability sessions, our supported gym opportunities, and our dementia cafes.
We do this through our work in care homes, our community outreach projects, our arts development programme.
We do this through our cardiac, stroke and pulmonary rehab classes, our falls prevention sessions and our weight management programmes.
We do this in our work with schools, in our work with young people and families by delivering physical and creative sessions which help build positive, lifelong habits
and attitudes towards food, activity and being ourselves.
We do this by giving everyone the opportunity to be active and creative in a way that works for them.
The work we do changes lives.
Without emergency Government support like that given to the arts sector, the work we do is at risk.
It isn’t just us. Grassroots sports and leisure facilities across the county face collapse due to Covid-19.
We ask you, in this time when health and activity has been proven to be more important than ever, to support us and thousands like us by signing the petition here and sharing this message on your own social channels.
Thank you,
Pete Burt
Managing Director Inspiring healthy lifestyles
Last updated: 09 November 2020