Karen’s Life Changing Journey

In 2016 Karen weighed 28 stone, needed help with simple tasks like getting out of vehicles and took 34 tablets and insulin injections daily. Now, after taking steps to change, Karen’s life has been turned around.

Karen had a BMI in the mid-fifties and suffered from diabetes, sleep apnoea and high blood pressure along with a host of other medical issues.

During a road trip to the Arctic Circle with her husband in 2017, Karen found she struggled with movement: “I couldn’t get in and out of our Landrover without assistance and when we tried to camp, I couldn’t get off the floor without being helped.”

In January 2018 Karen started gentle exercise at home and by March was down to 23 stone and decided to join Rugeley Leisure Centre. After starting swimming, she spoke to the Wellbeing and Fitness teams and started a gym programme.

Karen said: “The staff were wonderful and with their encouragement and advice, I had the confidence to try classes and weight training”.

With the additional exercise Karen continued to lose weight and by November 2018 was down to 14 stone and at her son’s wedding wore a dress for the first time in years.

Karen before weight loss

From January 2018 to present Karen has lost a staggering 13 stone and since 2017 has more than halved her body weight, is completely off prescription medication and no longer suffers from sleep apnoea.

Karen said: “I even went mountain climbing in December 2018.  My life has completely changed and is so much more fun!”

Fitness staff at Rugeley Leisure Centre say: “Karen has achieved a staggering weight loss, but the biggest impact has been the improvement to her quality of life.

We hope Karen’s story will not only help to inspire others who are on their own weight loss journey, but it will help others to realise that many health problems can be conquered.”

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Karen after weight loss